Lindén International AB, Sweden.


Lindén International AB is a well-known Swedish manufacturer of top quality kitchen gadgets.  The company was established in 2003 and quickly grew from just a few products to a wide variety of Scandinavian inspired items- the Swedish Classics! Today Linden products are sold in more than 25 countries. You will find Linden in gourmet retailers, top online retailers, department stores, discerning commercial kitchens worldwide.

Lindén products are used by professionals in restaurant and catering businesses alike as well as in the home. To achieve the highest quality and perfection levels,Linden always considers very carefully the concept, design, construction and use ofraw-materials during the product development phase. Linden always emphasize at keeping it simple with their age old doctrine, “Simple yet functional”. The highly experienced Linden team provides excellent service and efficiency at all levels which contributes to competitive pricing. 

Lindén International AB continues to focus on practical design with function in mind and is known for the Jonas® peeler. After 60 years the original Jonas® peeler is still one of the best-selling peelers in the market.

Some of the Linden best sellers are: Twixit!® Bag Clips, Jonas® Baker’s Rack- the Foldable Cooling Rack, Jonas® vegetable peeler, Pour and Seal clips, Clever Hook etc., to list a few here. Please enjoy exploring the innovative range of Lindén International AB products aimed at making life easy and functional.

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