Linden - Sweden

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Whisk, Stainless Steel Coil
Article no Description Packing 0052011 270 mm , bulk 40x10 ..
Whisk With Plastic Handle And Stainless Steel Wire
Available in two colors:Black and White Article no Description Packing ..
Utensil Canister with Holes
Utensil and cutlery holder. Article no Model Packing 0053516 ..
Utensil Canister
Utensil and cutlery holder. Article no Model Packing 0053504-03 ..
Turner made of beech, curved. Article no Model 0055052 280 mm ..
Stirring Ladle
Stirring ladle made of beechwood. Lindén International AB, Sweden. ..
Soup Laddle
Soup laddle. 1 piece. 8 cm - 0.15 l. Lindén International AB, Sweden. ..
Smooth Rolling-Pin
Smooth rolling-pin made of beech. Lindén International AB, Sweden. ..
Article no Description 0035950 15 cm - handle length 43 cm ..
Salad Servers
Salad servers made of beechwood. Lindén International AB, Sweden. ..
Rolling-Pin With Silicon Wrap
Rolling-pin of beech with detachable beachwood with silicone wrap. Combine modern technology with tr..
Rolling-Pin Silicone Sleeve
Silicon wrap suitable for Jonas rolling-pin diameter full 65 mm. Combine modern technology..
Rolling Pin, Children's  Set
Description Children's set containing a small rolling pin + 4 biscuit cutters packed in a nice gift..
Potato masher, Tin plated
Potato masher,Tin plated. Article no Model Packing 0026620-10 ..
Plunger made of natural rubber and wooden stick. Article no Model Packing ..
Pizza Slicer
Pizza Slicer Article no Model 0034771 200 mm  ..
Pastry Brush, Beech Wood
Pastry Brush made of Beech Wood. Article no Model 0055073 200 mm ..
Pasta Spoon
Pasta spoon made of polypropylene Article no Model Packing 0055..
Notched Rolling-Pin
Notched rolling-pin made of beech wood. Lindén International AB, Sweden. ..
Measure Holder For Fondant Funnel
Holder for fondant funnel 1 l. Packing: x1. Lindén International AB, Sweden. ..