Aero Spray Disinfectant - Aerobio 2008


Aerobio 2008 is an air and surface disinfection which uses the aero spray treatment technique to disinfect large volumes of insect infestation.
It is used in all areas which are at risk from biological and microorganism contamination, where hygiene is critical and where the risk of contaminationis high.
Also removes the unpleasant odour in the air, controls humidity and is mobile - portable.

Aerobio 2008 is beneficial for Food processing and packaging areas, cold storage rooms and dry storage areas, meat and fish preparation areas, medical profession, operating theatres, intensive care units, hospitals, clinics, nurseries as well as in the field of public service including exhibition centers, theatres and gymnasiums as well as airport and transport locations.

One year material guarantee for normal usage

BRC, France.

Brand:  BRC - A Clean Efficiency
Product Code:  6623204