T-43 PRO
T-43 PRO T-43 PRO

T-43 PRO

The only system that allows you to vacuum pack all types of glass jars with metal lids. This makes it possible to convert waste into a resource, save a considerable amount of time and money, while reducing waste to a minimum.
• Made with stainless steel body; this is vacuum packing professional use.
• Voltage and Frequency: 220-240 V/ 50-60 Hz (motors for other voltages and frequencies available on request) .
• Features four different operating modes: Automatic cycle – Manual cycle- Suction in jars cycle – Sealing cycle (for rolls).
• Double sealing bar (width: 43 cm) with excellent heat resistance.
• 10 levels of easy to adjust and precise sealing settings.
• Built-in jar suction system.
• Removable trays for easy cleaning operations.
• Standard accessories: 10 vacuum bags, 3 cooking bags, and 2 valves.
• Weight: 8.2 kg
• Dimensions: 48x24.5x15.5 cm
• Sealing rod length: 43 cm
• Absorption: 600 W
• Max depression: 900 mbar
• Double pump suction: 32l /min
• Vacuum level indicator.
• Vacuum chamber designed to facilitate the insertion of bags, to reduce plastic bag waste and to prevent the suction of any liquid into the machine.
• Accessories such as vacuum boxes, vacuum valve, manual vacuum pump, vacuum cap and embossed bags/rolls.

  Facem, Italy

Brand:  Tre Spade -Tradition & Innovation since 1894
Product Code:  0768000