WindBlocker, USA

Windblocker, USA

Windblocker technology, easy to set up and easy to clean. Perfect for any catering event. From the most casual outdoor catering event, backyard BBQ to the well planned formal wedding. Never worry again about your great dishes growing cold from an extinguished flame. This patented design helps you maintain the perfect temperature during the challenges of those breezy outdoors. A birthday party in the garden or a wedding dinner over a lawn can be ecstatic. But for caterers, it is a big challenge to keep the food warm or even sizzling-hot as the flame is likely to get extinguished due to wind blowing across the place. It gets even worse when the location is breezy outdoors near the sea or over a hilltop.

Windblocker idea was conceived by a Designer Chef while catering on the Miami outdoors, and is now a globally patented product designed to maintain perfect temperature in any location. Windblocker guards the chafing-fuel against the wind and keeps the fuel can burning even with wind speeds up to 50km per hour.

Windblocker is perfectly designed with a vision for ‘Easy to setup and Easy to clean’. It can be ideally used for any open-air catering event. Be it a graduation party, a backyard BBQ, a casual outdoor catering event or a full fledged wedding reception, Windblocker always comes out handy.

Salient Features :


Recommended : Outdoors – two fuel-cans and for indoors only one Fuel can.
Cleaning Instructions : Clean with hot soapy water and a soft wet cloth. Avoid use of harsh products and scrubs.

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