Twixit - Tested 1 million times

Twixit ! is a Swedish invention, an Original bag clip invented by Lindén International AB for secure sealing of all types of bags. These unique bag clips are made of polypropylene plastic, which is approved for contact with food. Now our second generation Twixit bag clips are a further Innovative high-utility product " Twixit! Seal and Pour” where a 'handy pour -spout with a lid’ is incorporated along with the Twixit! Clip to allow pouring and resealing from a bag easy and quick!

Twixit! Bag Clips, (an innovation since 1980) facilitates the storage of different types of food

  • You can clip it and seal a bag one million times. The tests were conducted by the Swedish Testing and Research Institute- the clips in the sizes from 40-140 mm were opened and closed 1,000 000 times each under the temperatures ranging between minus20 degree to plus 23 degree centigrade – with no measurable and visible wear & tear.
  • It seals the bag tightly and keeps the content fresh and you can use it again and again.
  • The clips are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • The clip is a perfect campaign and promotion article as you can print and engrave brand logo, name or a message on it.

Twixit! Seal & Pour (an innovation award winning utility wonder since 2010) is the second generation Twixit! Bag Clip which does more than just close bags… it solves many daily problems. It allows you to pour contents from the bag without reopening the Twixit bag clip. It features a built-in pouring spout with reusable lid to keep contents fresh. Ideal for Flour, Cereal, Sugar, Beans, dry fruits, etc.


  • Awarded "balance of efficiency, effectiveness and innovation" at HOST Smart Label 2013 (The award presented to 4 out of 172 candidates in Milan, October 2013.)
  • Twixit! Seal was also among 1 of 3 finalists in Plastforum’s competition “Plastovationer Awards 2013" (The award is presented for developing a unique yet functional and interesting product )
  • Seal & Pour has been awarded as 1 of 30 winning products in the competition Design Plus“Innovative Design" at the AMBIENTE show in Frankfurt in February 2014.
  • The Housewares Design Awards 2014, Chicago- USA - "Best of the Best" of all 12 categories and "Best in Category" for Gadgets & Kitchen Tools.
  • Twixit! Seal & Pour is 1 of 5 finalists of the prestigious International Housewares Association "Innovation Award 2014" for the Hand Tools category.
  • Food Expo in Herning - Denmark, won first prize in the category "Interior & Equipment".
  • July 2014, one of the industry top magazines in the US, “The Gourmet Retailer”, awarded Pour & Seal winner of the “Gourmet Retailer’s 2014 Annual Editors Pick Contest”.

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