Non-Slip Mat
Non-Slip Mat Non-Slip Mat

Non-Slip Mat

The World Class Non-slip Mat that retains its grip even when it is wet!

HASEGAWA's versatile non-slip mats are a must for places where sufficient grip is required. It works perfectly well even in wet and slippery surfaces. It is a perfect replacement for a wet cloth. It can be used in several ways wherever a firm grip is required such as opening a bottle, as a table to hold fish, meat and vegetables, to hold hand juicers, to hold soup bowls for stirring and several other ways.

HASEGAWA Non-slip mats are designed with several benefits below

  • ​Even on wet surfaces, the mat does not lose its grip!
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Dishwasher safe, bleach safe.
  • Can be easily cut to any required size.
  • Firm enough for easy drying.

 Hasegawa, JAPAN.

Brand:  Hasegawa - Japan
Product Code:  SOSP0104