Manulatex, France

French manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment

•        Chainmail gloves for protection against cutting

•      Chainmail aprons for boning and aprons made with stainless steel plates for meat and fish cutting

•        Work aprons (nitrile, polyurethane, vinyl, etc.).

MANULATEX also proposes high-quality products that guarantee an excellent level of protection, comfort and hygiene, as expected by professional end-users.

The Benefits of the New Manulatex Lightweight Chainmail products are:

1) Lightweight – 40% lighter than standard mesh glove in the world

2) Unique welding technology – This technology helps Manulatex to weld a thinner wire 0.4 mm (vs. 0.5 mm wire for the standard chainmail)

3) Resistance to abrasion – 20% superior to a standard chainmail / 50% superior to Titanium chainmail

4) Great comfort – Additional ergonomics features for the operators like Stainless steel closing (instead of non-hygienic cotton or plastic bands), integrated stainless steel stiffeners (instead of plastic stiffeners to put on hand)

5)  Resistance to traction – 3 to 3.5 times than the ISO 13999-1 norm requirements.

With more than twenty patented systems, MANULATEX is the leader in innovation in the field of chainmail industry.

MANULATEX is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

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