Furmis,Poland EU Innovation

Established in 1998, Furmis is a spin-off company manufacturing isotherm products for pizza and hot food delivery that ensures heat/temperature retainment. Their products are time tested in various and extreme conditions of use. The Furmis Company’s system of thermo insulated delivery-cases not only saves time and money but helps ensure customer satisfaction.

Furmis produces products from pre-tested materials that ensures long-wear and easy cleaning. Their products are time tested under extreme conditions of use and are produced with pride, passion and high expectations.

These high quality and functional food delivery bags will not only help ensure quality service but will also assist your establishment and delivery- staff to plan and execute more effectively.

Power: 100W. Power source: 12 Volt

For your requirements in the Indian Sub-continent countries please contact us at www.hotelsupplymart.com now.