Facem, Italy




Established in 1894 for hot forging productions, FACEM Spa with its “Tre Spade” branded products is one of the leading manufacturers for food processing and preservation equipments and accessories currently being exported to more than 60 Countries. FACEM Spa is a solid family Company, now relying on the fifth generation of Managers focused to develop a "Made in Italy" range of durable, professional products. “Tre Spade” brand truly committed to Italian Designs are officially recognised by International Design Award: ADI “Compasso d’Oro” (Milano), ADI Design Index award in 2014, Good Design Award (Chicago) in 2015.

Facem Group consists of 120 professionals, keenly committed to quality with flexible attitude while developing new products, is well-established among the leading companies firmly devoted to high-standard equipments, essential machinery and accessories for food-processing, butchery and hotel/ restaurant/ catering related kitchenware tableware. “Tre Spade” is a well-recognized and leading brand enjoying a solid, strong and reliable distribution net-work over the five continents.


A wide portfolio of products, all of them manufactured at the factory located in Forno Canavese (45 km of North Turin in Northern Italy) includes manual and electrical kitchen equipments and food processing machinery like tomato squeezers, food/ sausage fillers, meat mincers, meat mixers, bone- band saw, cheese/bread graters, vacuum sealers, electric slicers, food/ vegetable-dryers, pepper/salt/spice- mills and coffee grinders.

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