Shelving System a Tonon guarantee since 1972-Made in Italy

Since 1946 Tonon & C. sas is specialized in the construction of certified custom-made equipment for the food and beverage industry.

1946: Establishment in Turin
1961: New site in Borgaro Torinese
1971: Building of Turin's Slaughterhouse
1973: Production of the first Aluminium meat rail of the world
1988: Launch of Eko-Fit and Simplex
2003: First factory and product certification
2006: New warehouse in Borgaro Torinese

2006: Sector Commercial Equipment: equipment for supermarkets, dairies, commercial kitchens, restaurants, butchers, bakeries, cafés, delicatessens and food businesses in general.


Regulatory compliance certification: NF 031 - Certified Warranty - Fitness for cleaning.

Certificate in compliance with NSF ANSI Standard 02 (America, Africa, Asia and Oceania) for easy cleaning, function, materials ' Toxicological evaluation


Product certificate for easy cleaning in compliance with HACCP Standard, released by French Authority AFNOR

Shelving in anodized aluminium HACCP compliant and suitable for direct contact with food and   complying with the provisions of the DM 21.03.73 published in the G.U. dated 20.04.73 nr. 104 and subsequent Ministerial Decree 27.10.09, n. 176 posted on G.U. On 10/12/09 nr.287, as  well as with the regulations laid down by Legislative Decree no. 626/94 on safety

Quality system certificate

Design, manufacturing and assembling issued by the German authority TÜV Nord, according to ISO 9001 standard.

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