Spulboy, Germany

Clean glassware is essential for beverage service. A glass free of soils and residue is needed to maintain aroma and flavor. Using clean, ‘beer-ready’ glassware will increase your profits and your customer’s satisfaction. Spulboy Glass Washers make the beer-ready glass a quick and easy process. We carry everything you need – detergents, sanitizers, and parts – to maintain your Spulboy and give you beer-ready glasses at your bar, restaurant or home.

Hygiene & Eco Friendly:

The brand Spülboy ® has been setting successful high standards in professional glass cleaning for over 40 years - and also in terms of sustainability. Can you think economically and still protect the environment? For Spülboy ® it‘s a matter of course.

Low Water Consumption:

Only 10cl water is needed for each washing process. And the best thing is: Spülboy ® guarantees a 100% hygienically clean result - without the use of aggressive cleaning agents.

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