Bucket without bottom band

Our pride in pressure turning is among other things our range of buckets. We would like to declare that we in fact are world leading when it comes to the width and the quality of our range. Our buckets are used by professional kitchens, the food industry, hospitals and in the private home. Our buckets are a valuable aid in large-scale kitchens when preparing gravy, soup, sauce, etc

Article no Model Packing
0052300-03 8 L (D285 mm, H205 mm). x1
0052301-03 10 L (D300 mm, H245 mm). x1
0052302-03 12 L (D310 mm, H270 mm). 200x1
0052303-03 15 L (D325 mm, H315 mm). 200x1
0052307-03  7 L (D255 mm, H245 mm). x1

Jonas, Sweden

Brand:  Jonas of Sweden, Since 1932
Product Code:  0052300

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