Meat Tenderizer Massive
In one piece. Stainless Steel. Size : 0.8 kg, 1 kg, 1.5 kg, 2 kg, 2.5 kg.   ​ Celsius9,..
Barbecue Tong
Highly Polished Heavy Duty Execution Length : 53cm ..
Aluminum Salt Shaker / Spice Shaker
Height : 12.6cm, 19cm. Diameters: 8cm, 6.5cm. ..
Steam Pan / GN Pan Lids
An Australian invention designed to reduce the use and waste of Plastic Film Wrap and Foil on G..
Seal and Pour Bag Clip
The twixit! Seal & Pour bag clip features a handy pour spout with lid that makes pouring and res..
Egg Peeler
Shell Eggs easily! Simply slip peeler onto faucet, remove small end sections of the eggshell, insert..
Click & Clean Garlic Press
All-in-one, Jonas™ Click & Clean Garlic Press is easy to use and clean.  Flip the handle op..
Whipping Bowl
Whipping bowl with round edges and curved base, graduation inside. Article no    &..
Pro Whisk
New wire whisk with hanging loop made of stainless steel. 100% more efficient due to the wire design..
Pizza Slicer
Pizza Slicer Article no Model 0034771 200 mm  ..
Butter Knife
Butter knife 175 mm made of Beech Wood. Article no Model 0061203-10 ..
Cheese Slicer
Cheese slicer with bended outer edges to reduce friction. Article no Model ..
Cheese Slicer for Soft Cheese
Cheese slicer for soft cheese with short blade for minimal friction. Article no M..
Conical Strainers
Conical perforated strainers for sauces, gravy, etc. Existing in nine sizes, from diameter 100 to 27..
Conical Fine Strainer
A new conical fine strainer features extra high straining capacity.The number of holes increase..
Fondant Funnel 1L
Fondant funnel for portion of sauce etc. Holder can be bought separately. Instructions how to adj..
Fondant Funnel 2L
Fondant funnel for portion of sauce, etc. Holder can be bought separately. Instructions how to ad..
Holder for Fondant Funnel 1L
Holder for fondant funnel 1 l. Packing:x1. Article no Model 005152..
Holder for Fondant Funnel 1 + 2 L
Holder for fondant funnel 1 + 2 l. Packing:12x1. Article no Model ..
Funnel Without Strainer Inside
Size: D 90mm. Packing: 12 x 6. Jonas, Sweden ..