Flexsillid - Seal Fresh, Serve Fresh

What is Flexsil-lid?

Flexsil-lid is an Australian invention designed to reduce the use and waste of
Plastic Film Wrap and Foil on gastronom & Steam Pans in commercial kitchens


What are Flexsil-lid’s features & benefits?


  • The lid helps invariably keep food fresher than using plastic wrap
    The lid will act as a seal and ensure a fresher
  • It's reversible, with smooth edges so food
    remnants can be easily washed away in the
  • Can be frozen to -40°C* and can be used in
    ovens to 220°C / 428°F for cooking

  • Labelling - Use whiteboard marker on it and wipes
    off with a moist cloth

  • Colours - Available in colour coding for meat, fish,
    dairy and other products.

  • Secure - Transport food without fear of spillage

  • 6 Sizes - Flexsil-Lid can be used with all standard
    shape gastronomes and steam pan sizes


Frequently Asked Questions - PDF Document


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