Euroceppi, Italy

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Steel Bristle Brush
Polyethylene brush with steel bristles to clean wooden chopping block. ..
SS Cutting Board Holder
Stainless steel cutting board holder for boards with maximum thickness of 3 cm Size : 35 x 23 x 2..
Polyethylene Pallet
Polyethylene pallet with stainless steels screws HACCP. Suitable for refrigeration rooms and for ..
Plexiglass Cutting Board Holder
Plexiglass cutting board holder for boards with maximum thickness of 3 cm Size : 30 x 25 x 12.5 c..
PE Spoons
Polyethylene Spoon Available sizes : 35 x 6 cm 40 x 6 cm 45 x 6 cm 50 x 6 cm ..
PE Shovel
Polyethylene shovel with smooth or pierced design. Available sizes:  40 x 10 x 2 cm ..
PE Rolling Pin
Polyethylene rolling pin with handle or with tuning handle without ball bearing. ..
PE Mortar
Polyethylene mortar available in black & white color Mortar size : 150 mm Muddler size : 200..
PE Meat Pestle
Polyethylene Meat Pestle. ..
PE Knives Holder
Polyethylene knives holder, can be dimantled with stainless steel screws or single piece to put in a..
PE Hammer
Polyethylene Hammer available in D 70mm & D 80mm. ..
PE Cutting Board Holder
Polyethylene cutting board holder for boards with maximum thickness of 3 cm Size : 55 x 51 ..
PE Bar Muddler
Polyethylene bar muddlers available in black and white colors. Size: 200 mm (Bar Muddlers) ..
Nylon Spoons
Nylon Spoons available in Black color. Available sizes: 30 x 5 cm 35 x 5 cm 40 x 5 cm ..
ECO Cutting Boards - Ecosponsor
Ecocutting board is an innovative, economical and ecological solution which allows to effect a self ..
ECO Cutting Boards
Polyethylene cutting board with coloured base and white refill to manage it independently. This p..
Cutting Boards - Gastronorm Sizes
Gastronorm size color coded Polyethylene cutting boards with or without groove available in a pack o..
Cutting Boards - Color Coded
Color coded Polyethylene cutting boards with applied rounded stoppers in a pack of 4 & 6 av..
Butcher Gloves
Butcher gloves short or long with fabric band in stainless steel or aluminium available. Chainmai..
Butcher Aprons
Butcher aprons in stainless steel or aluminium. Size: 55 x 75 cm (S.steel mesh apron) 55 ..