Care instructions to keep your products in good condition: 
 - Dish them in the dishwasher, for best result put them in soak 
   before dishing.
 - Avoid the use of scratching products.
 - When using them in the oven, please grease well before use. 
 - When spots of water or discoloration appear, clean 
   with  vinegar essence and after wards dish and rinse out 
 - Avoid use of knives and forks that can scratch the surface.


Item No Size
0051701 210x155x40 mm.
0051702 240x160x45 mm.
0051703 300x200x45 mm.
0051704 340x210x60 mm.
0051706 360x260x50 mm.


Jonas, Sweden

Brand:  Jonas of Sweden, Since 1932
Product Code:  0051701

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