We produce dishes with and without handles. The handles are handy, even with an oven glove.

Care instructions to keep your products in good condition: 
 - Dish them in the dishwasher, for best result put them in soak 
    before dishing.
 - Avoid the use of scratching products.
 - When using them in the oven, please grease well before use. 
 - When spots of water or discoloration appear, clean 
   with  vinegar essence and after wards dish and rinse out 
 - Avoid use of knives and forks that can scratch the surface.

Item no Size Packing
0053700 180x120x10 mm. x 1/td>
0053701 215x160x18 mm. x 1
0053702 300x200x15 mm. x 1
0053703 360x240x15 mm. x 1
0053704 385x210x10 mm. x 1
0053705 400x270x15 mm. x 1
0053706 490x320x19 mm. x 1
0053707 445x350x10 mm. x 1
0053708 445x350x25 mm. x 1
0053717 440x325x10 mm. x 1


Jonas, Sweden

Brand:  Jonas of Sweden, Since 1932
Product Code:  0053700

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